Ian Mendenhall, PhD

Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore

Contact Information: ian.mendenhall@duke-nus.edu.sg

Personal statement: Dr. Mendenhall received his BA from the University of Wisconsin in Entomology and Zoology, continuing his education with a PhD in Parasitology from Tulane University as a Fulbright Scholar. He is currently a principal research scientist at the Duke-NUS Medical School in central Singapore. In his position as a research scientist he has additionally served as a senior research fellow at Duke-NUS for over 8 years and has worked on developing/managing a vertebrate pathogen surveillance network and served as an insectary manager and entomological director. He has also directly supervised a team of research assistants as well as staff, has hosted several undergraduate and graduate students from other institutions, and lead a bat-borne virus surveillance team in Singapore.

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