Lela Urushadze, Virologist, PhD

National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, Lugar Center

Contact Information:  M.Asatiani #9, 0186, Tbilisi, Georgia  E-mail: lelincdc@gmail.com


Professional Preparation: 

  • PHD Doctor of Life, Tbilisi Science Ilia State University 2012-2018

  • MSC Biology,Tbilisi State University, Biomedical Faculty 1993-1997

  • MD Biochemistry, Tbilisi State University, Biological faculty 1991-1996


  • Researcher, Senior Specialist of Virology and Molecular Biology Division, 2011-present National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, R.Lugar Center

  • Chief Specialist, Polio and other Enetroviruses Laboratory, NCDC&PH 2003-2011

  • Lecturer of Virology and Microbiology, University “Ajara”, Tbilisi, Georgia 2001-2002

  • Head of Biochemical Lab, Private Clinic, Ozurgeti, Georgia 1997-2000

Other Experience and Professional Memberships:

  • Member, Steering committee of BOHRN 2017-present

  • Member, Association for professionals in Biochemistry 2016-present

  • Member, Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology 2015-present

  • PI of ISTC project “Emerging zoonotic pathogens in Georgian bats” 2014-2016

  • Head of Epidemiological Monitoring Team on reporting/registration system of 2007- present Avian Influenza


  1. Gu SH, Lim BK, Kadjo B, Arai S, Kim JA, Nicolas V, Lalis A, Denys C, Cook JA, Dominguez SR, Holmes KV, Urushadze L, Sidamonidze K, Putkaradze D, Kuzmin IV, Kosoy MY, Song JW, Yanagihara R. Molecular phylogeny of hantaviruses harbored by insectivorous bats in Côte d'Ivoire and Vietnam. Viruses; 2014 Apr 29; 6(5):1897-910.

  2. Lela Urushadze, Ying Bai,Lynn Osikowicz,Clifton McKee,Ivan Kuzmin,Andrei Kandaurov,Giorgi Babuadze,Ioseb Natradze,Paata Imnadze,Michael Kosoy. Molecular Survey of Bacterial Zoonotic Agents in Bats from the Country of Georgia (Caucasus) Published Plos one: January 27, 2017

  3. Lela Urushadze ,Ying Bai,Lynn Osikowicz,Clifton McKee,Ketevan Sidamonidze,Davit Putkaradze, Paata Imnadze,Andrei Kandaurov,Ivan Kuzmin,Michael Kosoy “Prevalence, diversity, and host associations of Bartonella strains in bats from Georgia (Caucasus) “Published: April 11, 2017 PLOS neglected tropical disease

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