Paul Cryan, PhD

U.S. Geological Survey, Ecosystems Mission Area

Contact Information:

Personal Statement: Paul Cryan is a research biologist with the USGS Fort Collins Science Center. He received masters and Ph.D. degrees in biology from the University of New Mexico and spent most of the past 30 years studying the ecology of bats. Paul’s interests include uncovering bat migration behaviors and movements, the details of their survival strategies for thriving under extreme conditions, and the ways that infectious diseases evolve within and influence bat populations. Paul has focused most of his research efforts over the past decade on trying to understand behaviors and processes underlying the two biggest conservation threats to bats---fatalities at wind turbines and the emerging fungal disease white-nose syndrome. Paul believes our current understanding of bat pathogens is only the tip of the veritable iceberg, and that technology and field investigations show great promise for rapidly developing a more comprehensive understanding of pathogens and the bats that host them.

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