Dr. Raina Plowright

Montana State University

Contact Information:  raina.plowright@montana.edu

Personal Statement:  Dr. Plowright is an infectious disease ecologist, epidemiologist, and wildlife veterinarian. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Montana State University, she uses interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the dynamics of disease systems that connect human and animal populations. After working as a veterinarian on five continents, Dr. Plowright received an Australian Fulbright Fellowship to do her PhD in Ecology and MS in Epidemiology at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Plowright was then a David H. Smith Fellow in Conservation Research at the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Pennsylvania State University before moving to Montana State University. Her research focuses on the dynamics of zoonoses in wildlife, the conservation implications of diseases in wildlife, the transmission of pathogens across species barriers, and links between environmental change and disease emergence. Her group focuses on bat pathogens including Hendra virus, rabies virus, and the fungal pathogen causing white nose syndrome. She is the PI of an NSF Coupled-Natural-Human-Systems grant focused on henipaviruses in Australia and a multi-collaborator DARPA-funded project focused on henipaviruses in Australia, Bangladesh, Madagascar, and Ghana.

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