Tamar Kutateladze, MD, PhD

Department of Virology, Molecular Biology and Genone Research, R. Lugar Center for Public Health Research, National Center for Disease Control & Public Health

Contact Information:  Georgia Tel: 995 32 311406 /995 99 190552 Email: poliolab@ncdc.ge/tamar_kutateladze@yahoo.com

Current Position:  Head, Polio National Laboratory, Virology and Molecular Biology division of R.Lugar Center at NCDC&PH


  • State Medical University, Tbilisi, Georgia 1979 MD - Medicine/Epidemiology

  • Institute of Virology, Institute of Polio & Viral Encephalitides of Russian Academy 1983-84 - Virology /Epidemiology • Institute of Physical-Chemical Biology, Moscow State University 1985-90 - Virology /Epidemiology

  • State Medical University, Tbilisi, Georgia 1991 PhD Epidemiology

  • National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland 1994 Training Epidemiology/Virology

  • WHO, Regional office for Europe, Moscow 1999-2002 Training Polio Lab Investigation and Management • CDC and Prevention,Atlanta,US 2006&2009 Training Molecular research methodologies on EV

  • WHO, Regional office for Europe 2011-2013 Course Emergency Procedures,

    • Transport of Infectious Substances,

    • Biorisk Management

  • Biological Threat Reduction Program, Georgia,Tbilisi 2012-2013 Biosafety training Course

  • WHO,CDC,USA 2013-2014 Training Molecular Detection and Identification of EV

  • United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases 2014 Training Entomology

Positions and Employment: 

1996 - Present: Head, Polio National Laboratory, Virology and Molecular Biology division of R.Lugar Center at NCDC&PH Georgia 1979-1996: Research Scientist, Laboratory of Particularly Dangerous Infections, Georgian Ministry of Health .

Selected three peer-reviewed publications: 

1. Kutateladze T., Zangaladze E., Dolidze N., Mamatsashvili T,Tskhvaradze L, TsanavaS,Haddow First record of Aedes albopictus in Georgia and updated checklist of reported species. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. Sep 2016, vol 32,issue 3, pg(s) 230-233.

2. Khetsuriani N, Kutateladze T, Zangaladze E, Shutkova T, Peñaranda S, Nix WA, Pallansch MA, Oberste MS. Enterovirus surveillance in Georgia, 2002-2005: Genetic Characterization of Isolates.J Med Microbiol 2010 Nov;59(Pt 11):1340-7.

3. Soile Blomqvist, Carita Savolainen-Kopra, Anja Paananen, Laila El Bassioni, Eman M El Maamoon Nasr, Larisa Firstova, Natalia Zamiatina, Tamar Kutateladze, Merja Roivainen Recurent isolation of poliovirus 3 strains with chimerical capsid protein Vp1 suggests a recombination hot-spot site in Vp1. Virus Research, 2010, Aug; 151 (2):246-51.

Research Support:

Scientific adviser in the project Emerging zoonotic pathogens in Georgian bats.

PI and CO-investigator in 8 scientific projects.

Professional Membership:

 Association of Infectionists, Parasitologists, Microbiologists and Epidemiologists

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